26° angled staples

Impactors for staples

90° straight staples

Varisation staples

Dynafit varisation staples are ideal for the realization of osteotomies and arthrodesis of small fragments.

Simple and ergonomic, their design allows easy insertion and removal. Dynafit varisation staples are made of stainless steel to guarantee rigid stabilization of osteotomies. Dynafit varisation staples are mono-cortical. Owing to the choice of two angulations and two different widths, this staple meets best with the shape of the cortices. Dynafit staples are available on: - 26°angled - 90° straight - 2 sizes, 8 &10 mm legs lengths. The intuitive and simple instrumentation is composed of dedicated (oblique or parallel) drill guides for making pre-holes and dedicated impactors for inserting the implant into the cortical bone.

A varisation staples mini set was developed exclusively for the use of STERILE or NON STERILE varisation staples

mini set

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