Combining Flexibility and Mechanical Strength

FlexitSystem implants provide excellent mechanical strength resistance. These results are obtained thanks to compromise between :

- Mechanical strength and elasticity of titanium alloy (TA6V for plates and screws)

- Optimized design shape to absorb the strengths.

- Secure locking system.

Clinical and Mechanical tests have been performed to confirm FlexitSystem stability for Knee Osteotomies.

A Secure Locking System

The screw head has a conical threading profile and a cylindrical root portion. The threading of the plate is cylindrical. The thread pitch is designed to be appropriately sized, in order to limit efficiently the deformations when an important tightening torque is applied.

Thanks to this large pitch and to a wise choice of materials (the screw and plate are both made of TA6V) jamming risk is avoided. The conical threads are well adapted to offer an important gripping surface, allowing to lock the fixation by surface contact between the threads of the screw and the tapping of the plate.

A conical mechanical stop allows to limit the tightening for sure, in order to avoid jamming as well as to offer a marker showing the correct locking of the screw.

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