Each new year concocts us its share of surprises, with new obstacles on board.

This year has been more singular than previous years with many challenges to pick up. In this context, we would like to thank you highly, agents, distributors, nurses and surgeons with whom we daily work to maintain our activity sector afloat and continue year after year our contribution to osteosynthesis development.

Thanks to the resilience of Neosteo’ employees, this year reserved us some nice surprises.

Find 8 events which marked this year in this article.

#1 News collaborations

2020 allows us to get in touch with many countries to expand the distribution of our DynafitSystem and FlexitSystem osteosynthesis implants.

We are already present in Spain, Italy, Belgium and in Australia through various distributors. We were also able to exchange with news locals distributors in order to extend our network on site.

New collaborations were made in Estonia, Netherlands, New Zealand and Paraguay.

#2 The arrival of 5 news employees

If 2020 did not allow us to meet you, customers and distributors during many occasions due to sanitary conditions, it has allowed us to meet internally people.

2020, is the arrival of 5 news employees to allow the company grow up in the years to come.

From left to right, Alexis MONNERAYE, Marketing Responsible, Florent QUENNEDEY, Financial and Administrative Manager, Alicia ROIGNANT, Commercial Assistant & Sales Administration, Céline JEMIN, International Sales Manager and Lauren MESLIER, France Sales Manager.

And why not starting 2021 with new recruitement?

#3 Maintenance of depots in France

This year allowed us to carry out maintenance and the regeneration of a new traceability, for a large part of FlexitSystem, DynafitSystem, IoFiX and HammerFix kits in storage on French clinics and in French hospitals.

#4 A new graphic charter

We would like to strandardize the brand under the same design and conserve Neosteo’s colors, the orange and white.

A graphical charter, which we wanted easily recognizable for our communication, our products, implant packaging…

You will find, for example, this year, our new implant boxes which have the objective to make you waste less time with easier access to important information.

#5 A stronger digital presence

BtoB marketplace specialized in medical devices

The closing of the various exhibitions in France and abroad due to the current sanitary crisis, push us to be more open on the digital. From which we can easily get in touch with news agents, distributors, nurses and surgeons.

To continue to grow-up and improve our visibility, Neosteo is now listed on MedicalExpo platform.

#6 Demonstration material

To facilitate your presentations to surgeons and their teams, we have developed demonstration products for our DynafitSystem and FlexitSystem ranges.


As you may already know, NEOSTEO reveal you that our superelastic staples can be commercialize on the American market !

After to receiving the 510 (k) for auto compressive screws in 2013 and snap-off in 2015, our DynafitSystem range now includes the presence of our superelastic staples after 510 (k) regulatory disposition obtaining, which guarantees the access to American medical market.


This year again a little bit more, our team provides you many training for distributors, surgeons and their teams.

If your teams feel the need to receive product training, our team is able to provide you distance training, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

NEOSTEO – Mallève 2A – 1 Boulevard Jean Moulin – 44100 Nantes – FRANCE

tel : +33(0)2 36 56 96 70 – fax : +33(0)2 51 70 61 34

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