2021 marks the start of a new collaboration for the distribution of NEOSTEO FlexitSystem range. ABILI, specialist in biomechanics and sports medicine for more than 10 years in Lithuania will represent from now our range.

“We were looking to supply people with new solutions to improve health.”

ABILI company offers solutions to ergonomic, orthopedic, rehabilitation and also motion capture issues which are detailed and available on their website: https://abili.eu/en/.

Dr Aurelijus DOMEIKA, CEO of JSC Abili and head of the Biomechatronic laboratory in Kaunas University of Technology has worked in straight collaboration in research projects with Professor GUDAS for years.

Doctor in philosophy and orthopedic sports medicine, Professor GUDAS is specialized in arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery for 18 years. He is also taking care about the Lithuanian National basketball team since 2007.

With more than 8000 operations in his career, it is a privilege to have had his experience feedback and to count him as a reference a user in Lithuania.

Testimony of Professor GUDAS

“Osteotomy technologies around the knee have come a long way with the introduction of the new generation of minimally invasive NEOSTEO system, which is very helpful in making the necessary precise and stable alignment corrections with minimal invasion.  

The system is very simple, stable and allows all alignment corrective procedures to be performed very easily.  

The patient is allowed to put full weight bearing forces on both legs the day after the operation, also to flex and extend the knee joint, and is currently continuing the rehabilitation process, which will be shorter than usually.

Glory to technology and science!” 

Professor GUDAS

NEOSTEO thanks Professor GUDAS and Dr Aurelijus DOMEIKA for their confidence and we hope for a long collaboration!

Discover the very good article bellow of Professor GUDAS about osteoarthritis subject.

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