In the Netherlands, the Pro-Motion Medical company, partner since 2013, now also distributes our superelastic staples, in addition to our FlexistSystem® range for  knee osteotomies.

This Dutch distributor’s mission is to improve the day-to-day basis of patients by offering doctors specializing in orthopedics, trauma and rehabilitation the best current medical solutions thanks to a constant search for new existing techniques.

Why did you want to establish a partnership with Neosteo ?

Pro-Motion Medical (PMM) is a small company and always looking for a unique solution in the area of orthopaedics and traumatology. Neosteo is a small company with a real focus also on unique solutions which fits at the vision of PMM.

PMM prefers to work with small flexible companies;  we both understand our position in the market between the “big” volume organisations


What are important criteria in choosing the products you want to distribute?

There is culture of both companies must be in line, PMM is looking for  “dolphins” as a partner and not willing to cooperate with “sharks”  .

We’re in search of unique solutions in the area of traumatology and orthopaedics with the minimum market potential present.

Our goal is to offer unique solutions in the area of problems of the musculoskeletal system. We don’t want to be the biggest company but the best. With a very high knowledge of the market, surgeons, hospital organisation and problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Peter FRIJTERS – Pro-Motion Medical

NEOSTEO – Mallève 2A – 1 Boulevard Jean Moulin – 44100 Nantes – FRANCE

tel : +33(0)2 36 56 96 70 – fax : +33(0)2 51 70 61 34

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