Discover our summary for October 2020, to follow the news of company, specialized in osteosynthesis solutions.

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#1 Upholding of activities

Since 30th October Friday, France has been re-confined, for minimum 1 month, with the hope of stopping the second wave of coronavirus epidemic.

During this period, Neosteo still conserves its activities and work normally for conception, development and delivering our osteosynthesis solutions in france and worldwide.

#2 Contracts renewal

In order to respect the new medical devices regulation, we must renew our distribution contracts for our products.

You will soon receive the contracts in your mailbox, which will has to be signed by December 31, 2020 in order to continue receiving and marketing our products.

Thank you for taking time to do the necessary. If you’ve request about the contract, you can contact our sales manager Céline JEMIN at

#3 Demonstration material


To facilitate your presentations to surgeons and their teams, we have developed demonstration products for our DynafitSystem and FlexitSystem ranges.

For FlexitSystem range

      FlexitSystem briefcase

  • Demonstration plates
  • Screw driver
  • Various screws sizes
  • Biomatlante bone wedge

     Resin bone on base 

  • Demonstration plate in choice
  • Resin bone
  • Distributor’s logo and/or doctor’s name

For DynafitSystem range

     Percutaneous burrs

  • INS-149 Shannon cutter 
  • INS-161 Shannon cutter 
  • INS-162 Shannon cutter
  • INS-163 Wedge cutter 
  • INS-164 Wedge cutter 
  • INS-165 Brophy cutter 
  • INS-166 Shannon cutter 
  • INS-167 Shannon cutter


     Self-compression screws

  • 2 partially threaded screws
  • 2 fully threaded screws
  • 2 non-cannulated screws
  • 2 weil osteotomies screws

     DynafitSystem briefcase

  • 4 percutaneous burrs
  • Superelastics staples
  • Varisation staples
  • 7 DynafitSystem screws

#4 New surgical techniques available

Neosteo has developed two new surgical techniques.

Inside these documents, you will find more descriptions, details and recommendations  to achieve operations  with our product ranges.

NEOSTEO – Mallève 2A – 1 Boulevard Jean Moulin – 44100 Nantes – FRANCE tel : +33(0)2 36 56 96 70 – fax : +33(0)2 51 70 61 34

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