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#1 Two new distributors for our superelastic staples


We are pleased to open two new countries for the distribution of superelastic staples, which allows us to develop our distribution network in Europe. It’s a great opportunity to export our French know-how on osteosynthesis a little more.

Firstly, in Estonia, where our new distributor AB Technoloogia is now responsible for distributing the superelastic staples of our DynafitSystem® range.

Since 27  years, AB Technoloogia is in charge of the medical products distribution in Estonia and is one of the emblematic leaders of the country in this business sector. The company want to deliver quality medical products to the 3 Baltic States formed by Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.


In the Netherlands, the Pro-Motion Medical company, partner since 2013, now also distributes our superelastic staples, in addition to our FlexistSystem® range for  knee osteotomies.

This Dutch distributor’s mission is to improve the day-to-day basis of patients by offering doctors specializing in orthopedics, trauma and rehabilitation the best current medical solutions thanks to a constant search for new existing techniques.


Pro-Motion Medical interview 

Why did you want to establish a partnership with Neosteo ?

Pro-Motion Medical (PMM) is a small company and always looking for a unique solution in the area of orthopaedics and traumatology. Neosteo is a small company with a real focus also on unique solutions which fits at the vision of PMM.

PMM prefers to work with small flexible companies;  we both understand our position in the market between the “big” volume organisations

What are important criteria in choosing the products you want to distribute?

There is culture of both companies must be in line, PMM is looking for  “dolphins” as a partner and not willing to cooperate with “sharks”  .

We’re in search of unique solutions in the area of traumatology and orthopaedics with the minimum market potential present.

Our goal is to offer unique solutions in the area of problems of the musculoskeletal system. We don’t want to be the biggest company but the best. With a very high knowledge of the market, surgeons, hospital organisation and problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Peter FRIJTERS – Pro-Motion Medical


#2 Available training on our products


If your teams feel the need to receive product training, our team is able to provide you distance training. This month we were able to help the sales forces of our distributor AMPLITUDE with training on the FlexitSystem® range.

AMPLITUDE is a major French actor recognized in orthopedics at the international level and committed to a quality approach. AMPLITUDE offers high-end products intended for orthopedics for the lower limbs.


#3 Our superelastic staples on the American market


NEOSTEO is more than happy to reveal you that our superelastic staples can be commercialize on the American market !

After to receiving the 510 (k) for auto compressive screws in 2013 and snap-off in 2015, our DynafitSystem® range now includes the presence of our superelastic staples after 510 (k) regulatory disposition obtaining, which guarantee the access to American medical market.

Neosteo DynafitSystem® superelastic staples are intended for hand and foot bone fragments osteotomy fixation and joint arthrodesis.

Superelastic staples are made of superelastic TiNi alloy (Nitinol®), which enables stable bone fixation, thanks to a natural and dynamic compression during bone healing.

They are designed to provide suitable bone fixation and constant compression on small bone fragments and are available sterile packed in various sizes.


#4 A reworked design


The packaging of our FlexitSystem® and Dynafitsystem® implants boxes has been redesigned with the goal of facilitating the work of the teams in the operating room.

The label on it has also been changed so that you can easily find the product reference, the batch number and the expiration date.

In accord to new European regulation, but also the customers expectations, who want a simple, ergonomic, practical box with easily visible information on it, you will soon receive in the block this new design which, we hope, will facilitate the work of your teams and will allows you to save time.


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