We are pleased to share with you the translation in English of the release of Pr GudasThe Neosteo osteotomy sytem helps to stop osteoarthritis“, about his first conclusions after the use of Flexitsystem. It’s the first orthopedist surgeon in Lithuania to trust in Neosteo Flexit range launch. You will find the release in the original version here.

The Neosteo osteotomy system helps to stop osteoarthritis!

The Neosteo osteotomy system helps to stop osteoarthritis!

The osteoarthritis internal part of the knee causes constant pain in the knee, impaired function, joint swelling, even lateral and the appearance of a handicap.

Unfortunatly, modern medicine usually offers only one solution for the osteoarthritis treatment on the patient:  knee replacement.

Knee prosthesis is mainly performed  even if the knee joint is still healthy. Recent studies have shown that there is an efficient alternative to full knee arthroplasty, endoprosthesis, especially if the person is under 65-70 years old.

This is called the corrective open angle tibial osteotomy, with a correction on the mechanical axis of the leg. Thanks to this procedure, it’s possible to save the knee joint if only the inner side of the knee joint is used.

A corrective osteotomy will allows to transfer the weight-bearing in the knee joint into the healthy side of the knee joint. We can note the extension of the the knee joint life-time up to 20 years after the surgery, often with no required knee arthroplasty afterwards.

It’s an excellent alternative! And, thanks to this corrective tibial osteotomy, we cannot only repair the mechanical axis of the leg but also rebuild the damaged cartilage of the inner part of the knee joint. It has been proved that after a mechanical correction of the leg axis, the damaged cartilage in the internal part of the knee joint regenerates himself! If in addition to the axis correction, it is possible to rebuild the internal part of the cartilage, the patient won’t never have to change his knee joint again.

The medical technology in this sector has made great progress, with the introduction of new generationsof minimally invasive implants like NEOSTEO Flexitsystem, which provide all the necessary adjustments with high precision and minimal invasion.

This system is very easy to use and allows to make all corrective procedures with a fast patient recovery. The patient will be able to progressively bend the knee joint, and will follow his rehabilitation process, which will be shorter than usual.

Glory to technology and science!

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