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2020 – Year retrospective marked by resilience

Each new year concocts us its share of surprises, with new obstacles on board. This year has been more singular than previous years with many challenges to pick up. In this context, we would like to thank you highly, agents, distributors, nurses and surgeons with whom we daily work to… Learn more

Demonstration products

To facilitate your presentations to surgeons and their teams, we have developed demonstration products for our DynafitSystem and FlexitSystem ranges. For FlexitSystem range For DynafitSystem range NEOSTEO – Mallève 2A – 1 Boulevard Jean Moulin – 44100 Nantes – FRANCE  tel : +33(0)2 36 56 96 70 – fax :… Learn more

NeoNews – November 2020

Discover our Neonews for November 2020, to follow the news of company, specialized in osteosynthesis solutions. With this month, different subjects to discover such as referencing on Medical Expo and the programmation of the Cadaver Lab in Holland. Good read have a nice day and take care. #1 Neosteo referenced on Medical Expo  To… Learn more

NeoNews – October 2020

Discover our summary for October 2020, to follow the news of company, specialized in osteosynthesis solutions. Good read have a nice day and take care. #1 Upholding of activities Since 30th October Friday, France has been re-confined, for minimum 1 month, with the hope of stopping the second wave of… Learn more

Foot Osteotomy

WEIL OSTEOTOMY OF LATERAL METATARISTS It is a well-known metatarsal distal oblique osteotomy that provides longitudinal decompression but may also provide medial and lateral transverse displacement. Weil’s osteotomy is very effective in the correction of claw toes. With this technique, the correction can be performed virtually without proximal interphalangeal arthroplasty… Learn more

Knee Osteotomy

Knee osteotomy is a surgical procedure for localized and moderate femoro-tibial arthrosis in active patients. This intervention makes it possible to correct the axis of the lower limb by orienting the supports towards the healthy zone of the knee. Osteoarthritis of the knee is the cartilage wear present between the… Learn more